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English lessons for prostitutes


Brazilian prostitutes will be taught English lessons to help them prepare for the foreign influx during the FIFA World Cup.

iAfrica.com quotes Cida Vieira saying: "They will be learning everyday expressions as well as technical sex vocabulary.

 "They should be able to speak with their clients about fantasies," Vieira stressed.

Vieira, who runs the Sex Workers' Association in Minas Gerais state said: "There are 80 000 prostitutes in Belo Horizonte alone. And demand just keeps going up.”

Indebe yehlabathi lixesha elixakekileyo kakhulu kosisi abashishina ngemizimba yabo.

During the 2010 finals held apha eMzantsi, a total of over 40,000 prostitutes were reported to have entered the country.

Vienna uthe, malunga namakhulu amathathu (300) prostitutes have already signed up for the classes.

Next on their agenda is expanding the programme to include Spanish and French, wrote iAfrica.com.

The lessons will be free. iAfrica.com quotes Pollyana Temponi, a 27-year prostitute saying: "English will be helpful for negotiating prices.... And nowadays, you need English for every job, really."





By Siphiwo Nkonki

Photo: wikimedia.org


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