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Look dapper in Shorts this Summer




Ke Dezember Boss!  Summer is officially here, who wants to be stuck in long pants in the sweltering heat? Somehow the number of men in Mzansi wearing shorts, are rather low. We don’t need statistics for this, bheka phakhathi ama malls uzobona, black men are shy when it comes to putting on shorts.


I think the reason for this is that some guys are fearful of the unknown and abazithembanga…

Come on majita, there are a huge range of shorts stocked by most local retailers and there is definitely a pair to suit you. Give your legs a breather for goodness sake!


Here are some guidelines to help you pick out just the right style, to keep you looking moja:

·         Too long, means it’s not shorts but short pants

·         Don’t ever, ndiyancela, don’t ever wear a shorts with a blazer, it will never be formal enough

·         If you are bigger around the waist, avoid the shorter shorts

·         The big guy should avoid the cargo shorts, sure to make you look bulkier

·         Plaid or camo shorts with plain t-shirts are the way to go

·         Experiment with cuffed hems

·         The cotton drawstring variety are the most versatile


Keep it casual with canvas shoes or flip flops and if you need to top it up for a summer outing, add white loafers or leather sandals.


So the rule of thumb is, not too long and not too short. For most body types, ushorty wakho makabethe emadolweni. How do you know if your shorts are too short? Well if your boxers are sticking out then it’s too short and if you cannot move without feeling as if your balls want to fall out, that is an epic fail!




By Martine Hendricks

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