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Hairstyle No-No's

Women’s tastes on what is attractive on a man may vary but majority yomedi will agree with some pointers in this article.  If u dink(a) ukuthi people don’t notice your hair do then cabanga weerIkhanda lakho is the first things they will notice about you before they take all of you in.  How you keep your hair can say a lot about you and women tend to take notice.  Here are some hairstyles that ladies might not be too keen on:


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_life_katt-williams.jpg      The Relaxed Hair – Not sure what even started this trend but guys are doing it.  Just imagine trips to the salon together nomabhebeza and you’re there to do the same thing.  And then sharing hair products.  It will probably get annoying for her and you’ll probably feel like less of a man. 





The Mohawk – This hairstyle or any of the cool kids’ haircuts where you have signs and shapes shaved onto your head.  Unless, you are a cool kid and you want to attract a cool kid girl in high school, then go it.  Other than that, any other woman will just walk on by.


Dreadlocks – Very few can pull off this look and fewer can maintain it.  You can’t keep them clean, then forget about attracting attention from anyone other than a dirty hippie type girl. 


                      b_290_200_16777215_00_images_life_fohawk.jpg               dreadlocks

                                                       The Mowhawk                                                                Dreadlocks


If uyazincanywa ezihairstyles, then good for you maar ungabhayizi, there are other ways of looking good.  Or  just stick kwi cheese kop, a neatly shaved head is always the safest option.  




By Dulcie Baleni

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