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Eating for a better sex life



If men had a choice they would live to have good food and even better sex! It is a fact that amadoda azithandela udlala. However sex is not only about satisfying only your needs, but also about giving your best performance and always satisfying your partner ebhedini.


Your libido


A healthy libido is essential for a good relationship. Omega3 is critical for a healthy functioning brain, these essential fatty acids help fight depression (which can affect your libido), improve your mood, memory and brain power. Your omega3 diet should include wild salmon, sardines, herring, trout and other cold-water fish.

Avocado and peanuts have been proven to increase both female and male libido. Avos are a great source of folic acid which increases your body’s metabolism, and are also rich in vitamin B6 which is essential for hormone production and hormone potassium. Peanuts and watermelons are especially great for male libido as they are a rich natural source of L-arginine. L-arginine relaxes blood vessels and has been proven to help with erectile dysfunction. Zinc is also good for your libido and healthy fertility; pumpkin seeds and oysters are very rich in zinc.




Energy driven sex is the best, B complex can help pump up your sex life as it helps your body produce testosterone and energy. B complex can be obtained from dark green veggies e.g. spinach, beans and peas, asparagus, banana’s and raw nuts. You can get supplements from the chemist.

Blueberries will help you get those strong erections. Get on the right sex diet, if you are experiencing persistent problems in bed, go to a men’s clinic, ubeyindoda emadodeni!





By Bulelwa Pango

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