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Too many baby mamas at EC schools


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_pregnant_girl.jpgA staggering amount of girls in the Eastern Cape fall pregnant while still at school, haibo.

This province is one of the few in the country that have a serious problem in education. It even had the least number of learners that passed their metric behind Limpopo. Isebe lezemfundo kwelaphondo lidize ukuba malunga namawaka angamashumi amane anesihlanu abantwana besikolo baye bakhulelwa kuleminyaka mihlanu idlulileyo, Smh.

It gave statistics that broke down how it came it calculated and came to this total of 45 000. Ithe, ngonyaka ka-2008 bafumanisa ukuba abantwana abangamawaka alishumi namakhulu asixhenxe anamashumi amathathu ananye emivo baye bakhulelwa (10 731) ukutsho ngesingesi.

Lonyaka was their most fruitful in terms of these pregnancies. From then on at least the numbers have dropped steadily. Last year even though the province failed to move up the ladder in as far as provincial ratings is concerned, it had only just 5 183 preggies. Still the number is too high.

In most cases the girl must dropout of school to look after the child while the boy continues with his education.

The department in Bhisho decided to teach and warn the learners about the dangers of pregnancy. Perhaps making those condoms available at schools is a good idea.

The Basic Education Ministry faces a lot of challenges. Its minister, Angie Motshekga had her hands full last year when it was discovered that her ministry failed to make textbooks available to Limpopo learners.

Many NGOs called for her to resign but she stood still. That chorus now has been echoed by teachers union, SADTU.

They say they want ma-Angie to resign or they will not go the extra mile teaching the learners. Angie uthi unotshe, kaloku wagqiba yena ngesikolo.

 Just recently she released an alarming report that many of the teachers found guilty of having affairs with learners are still teaching.

By Siphiwo Nkonki

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