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Top 3 sex positions women love


b_290_200_16777215_00_images_dating_black-couple-in-bed.jpgGrand- grand there are many sex positions out there for more fun ways zokudlala embhedini.  For some of them, funeka ube fit and super flexy for uzokwazi ukeeper ipace.  Now just because women in the porno movies enjoy some really weird and quite nasty positions that does not mean necessarily umntu wakho feels the same way. 

Here are some positions ezizo qhotsa izinto pha ebhedini, kubemnandi for wena nomabhebeza:

The Missionary:  Sistyle sakudala esi; sabomkhulu, way before you were even born!  The reason why ladies still like this because it is very comfortable and it is also very intimate.

The Cow Girl/Girl on Top:  Esi simenza azive esistarring, uzizwa e in control and she sets the pace.  Makes her feel like she’s the one in charge for a change

Doggy Style:  Yes, lena yeyama porn stars and its very popular but the ladies do enjoy it too.  Make it a bit rough by pulling her hair (be careful though, ungamtsali kuqhawke iweave) and also bite her shoulder.  Add a bit of pain to the pleasure.

Theres so much more that you can experiment on, this does not mean you have to stick to those three sex positions.  Thela irajah ndoda!


By Dulcie Baleni

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