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Modern - Multicultural – Metrosexual – Motivational

MM (MzansiMen) Magazine depicts the luxury lifestyle of a distinctive group of multicultural South African consumers.

MM (MzansiMen) Magazine gives consumers and advertisers the broadest access to a distinctive group of male readers – black, indian and mixed race males (up to AAAs) – and celebrates the lifestyle and aspirations of all South African males with the target niche being professional and influential urban (and rural) consumers across the South Africa.

MM (MzansiMen) Magazine prioritises sharing the latest information on automotive, digital and mechanical technology, male fashion, fitness and health, male grooming, music and literary reviews, traditional food and wine, sports and entertainment, South African Social events and a broad coverage of our rich and diverse culture.

MM (MzansiMen) Magazine aims to be the South African market leader dispensing honest, up to date, reliable, authoritative and credible information to our readers.

Combining MM (MzansiMen) Magazine with www.mzansimen.com (and other expansion ideas in the pipeline) will provide consumers (and advertisers) with a variety of ways to reach an audience of influencers in as many ways as possible , be it at home, work or play.

Ultimately, MM (MzansiMen) Magazine aims to add essential information and advice to professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and decision makers.

Our Offices are open from 9 am-4pm


Poznetworks Group Of Companies

8 Track Crescent Montague Gardens (7441)

O:021 828 2563

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